What the “Shema” party offers

The current situation in Israel 2022

The current state of affairs in Israeli society is immoral, cruel, and disunited

It is important to note that the overall financial situation in Israel is good.

An immoral society is demonstrated by massive levels of cheating within marriage, political legitimacy and public support of homosexuality and massive use of pornography on the internet.

A cruel and unkind society is demonstrated by old women and men searching through garbage cans looking for empty bottles to sell for 30 agarot; sick, weak and disabled people who cannot afford medication and are not in receipt of a minimal living wage, and our young adults not being able to afford to pay for university or being able to buy apartments in areas that they would like to live.

A disunited society is demonstrated by the disharmony between religious Jews and irreligious Jews and between Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews.

All three of the above categories are having a massively detrimental effect on our society as a good and decent place to live.

We are hurtling towards the direction of a bad and immoral society, a cruel society, and a disunited society, this is a bad direction for Israel and its citizens.

This is the real situation in Israel currently and it is getting worse.

The situation is dire and needs changing urgently.

So what does the ‘Shema’ party propose?

The Shema Party wants to tackle three areas to start the nation’s overall progress towards a better more moral, kinder and more united society. The goal is to convey these important ideas back to the Israeli society.

In the category of the immoral society, the Shema party will work towards a moral society that censors pornography for children, renders the political support of homosexuality illegal, and works towards creating happy family units.

In the category of unkindness the Shema Party will work towards a kinder society … Immediately helping the weak, sick and disabled in our society and assisting our young adults.

In the category of a more united society for the people of Israel, the Shema party will work towards a united society

The overall move will be a massive directional move from a negative position to a significantly improved and much more positive position for the people of Israel.

It is important to emphasize that the economy is in good shape. We have no intention of dramatically changing anything from an economic perspective.

We have a full plan on how to fund our proposed projects

The time is now to make this change, the people of Israel can lead the world by example.

The people of Israel can make a difference. Please take 5 minutes to read what we are promoting and how the Shema party plan to do it

Here are some key ideas from the Shema party that will create a better society in Israel

Choose a new and correct path for you, your family and your country… Vote Shema in the 2022 elections.

A better Society

Immoral Relationships Law

The Sanctity of Marriage Law

Censorship of Pornography

How we will Finance our Proposals

A kinder Society

Law of the Needy

Subsidized Housing

How we will Finance our Proposals

The Law of Unity

The Law of Unity

IDF Recruitment of all Jewish Males

Law of the Supreme Court