Removal of governmental public support of prohibited relationships

Political and government legitimacy of public displays promoting homosexuality, marriage and adoption within the homosexual community would be illegal

Written by Naftali Goldman

The problem with government legitimacy of homosexuality if you believe in God

I just want to start by saying that I am not trying to win a popularity contest; I wish to bring to the attention of the Jewish people a very important issue that is affecting our nation.

– There is no doubt that there are men and women who are born with a natural attraction from birth to people of the same sex.

– There is no moral difference between a person who is born with an attraction to animals, a sister, brother or mother or any other unethical or forbidden relationship as described by the Bible, and the fact that a man or woman was born with an attraction to another man or woman.

All these relationships are classified as immoral and unacceptable and harmful to the fabric of society

So what is the big problem with public legitimization of homosexuality ?

We believe that morality is determined by God alone and not by humans or a government cabinet

The ideology promoted by the government and the LGBT groups is that God and the Bible are no longer relevant and wrong.

How do they make this statement … and how does this harm our society ?

The best way to demonstrate how this happens is to use the following parable and dialogue.

The situation – A 10 year old together with his father are touring In Jerusalem where they witness the Gay Pride parade

Dialogue between father and child :

Child – hey dad, what is that

Father – This is the Tower of David, part of the proud heritage of your people ………( Father and son next to the Tower of David)

Son – and who are they dad?

Dad – this is called the Gay Pride Parade

Son – because they are proud to be Jews?

Dad – no my son, they don’t care about Judaism unfortunately. They are proud of something that is forbidden and wrong …… (the father tries to explain to the child that we believe for the past 3500 years a message that has been passed down from father to son and mother to daughter that we believe in God and the Torah…that this message is our culture and our heritage… even if we don’t manage to keep all of its commandments.)

Child – I don’t understand, so why are the government not stopping them?

Father – Because the government support decisions against God and the bible …………( Father tries to explain to the child)

Son – But if they’re so happy, maybe God is wrong?

Son – thinks to himself … “Not everyone can be wrong, the prime minister, the police, all these good people, the amazing society that I live in…” Surely Dad and his ideas about God and the Bible are wrong

The child thinks God and the Torah no longer matter and that they are a myth in the same way he perceives Greek mythology….. and continues on his way

As a direct result of this interaction the political legitimacy of homosexuality causes the State of Israel to declare to its citizens that the Bible and God are no longer true or that they are irrelevant in today’s Jewish society, and that the government can override them.

The direct result of this is a lack of belief and removal of God and the Bible from our society.

This message is now being passed on to the current generation

This is the reason to make the political and governmental support of homosexuality illegal

The State of Israel must make a statement to the people of Israel that God and the Bible are relevant to its people.

The history, heritage and culture of the Jewish and Israeli people for thousands of years has centred around the message that we have one God who gave us the Torah

The Israeli governments over the past 70 years have made a concerted effort to remove God from our people and westernize our society.

As a Jew in Israel, I believe that we have the right and the duty to convey the message that God is an integral and immovable part of our culture and belief system. This message has become almost impossible to pass over to the current generation as a direct result of the current leaders and the governmental legitimacy of homosexuality.

It has become almost impossible to pass over the message that God is relevant and integral to the Jewish people because of the message of the present government… that God is no longer relevant.

There are many Israelis and Jews who still want to convey the message that God is a relevant and important part of our culture and heritage to the next generation as their parents did and as their grandparents did.

As a nation of Jews, we do not want to remove God from our society.

The political legitimacy of homosexuality makes a statement that the Bible and God are no longer true or relevant today and the government can bypass and override them and replace them with a different culture.

This situation needs to be urgently corrected

This is the real problem with public legitimacy of homosexuality

It’s time to stand up to this evil … We should not let our children believe in anti God ideology.

Let us try to strive for a better future for our people before it is to late !

It is important to note that the Shema party have nothing against homosexuals. If a person wishes to practise homosexuality in private then this is his or her prerogative. What we are fighting for is the illegality of public governmental legitimacy of homosexuality which is categorically against the culture and ideology of Judaism.

Questions :

Is it not too late?

It’s never too late to do the right thing

How many people this law will affect?

This law will adversely affect less than 5% of society – even though many think it will directly affect them. The gay community has an excellent lobby and public relations skills

This law will positively affect 95% of the Jewish people and the world

Do you hate all gay people?

Definitely not

There is no problem with a person born with gay tendencies

However, there are two types of people born with gay tendencies

– The first kind – the righteous !! – This is the good Jew

He / She says :

I have a tendency from birth towards people of the same sex, however, I understand and accept that God has given me this experience

This person may occasionally fail in his trials in life, but he does not dispute the fact that God exists and gave us commandments, however, sometimes this person may at times in their life falter and may slip and go against the laws of God, like all of us ( there is no difference from someone who does not keep Shabbat or eats non-kosher… we all have trials in life but this person does not refute that God exists and that he gave us the Torah… our Jewish heritage and culture.)

This person may falter at times, however everyone is born with their challenge in life. This is a good and acceptable gay person.

The second type of homosexual claims the following –

What is written is the bible is nonsense, not real and simply fabricated and that there is no God

We will do as we please and pass this message on to the rest of society to justify our behaviour.

This person falls into the category of a Jew who no longer believes in God and does not want to pass on the legacy of his ancestors to the next generation, in addition he wants to convey a message to the wider society that there is no God to justify his actions and choices

Plan to deal with the current problem

At the moment, law enforcement will only be providing assistance and advice. However, marriage, adoption, demonstrations, and promotion of LGBT entities will be illegal and enforced