Censorship of Pornography Online

The basis of the law

The world is in a state of addiction to the internet and mobile phones. A position to reduce usage and encourage real social interaction is imperative.

Pornography destroys the social fabric of society and a level of censorship is required

The law is aimed primarily at children and teens

Let us just try to understand what is going on … what are the dangers and what the possible effects are;

Our 10-year-old children are watching pornography .. Actions are being depicted that we didn’t know existed until we were 30 years old !!

Watching this media creates ideas and opinions that our children will carry with them for the rest of their lives… ideas that are wrong and unsupported by us the parents …… it must be dealt with immediately…

It is total reckless not to address this problem

We have prepared a technical plan on how to combat this issue. In today’s technological age there are several realistic plans to enable us to adopt and handle this issue.

This is a true and honest account of the state of affairs with regard our youngsters and pornography and the actions needed to change society for the better.