IDF recruitment for all Israeli Jewish males

The recruitment is for all Jewish citizens of Israel

The IDF will be rebuilt into two separate entities

The Physical Combat Unit and the Spiritual Combat Unit

The Spiritual Combat Unit will include all recruits who choose to study, and pray for Israel. These bases will require soldiers in this unit to perform their duties in a similar fashion to soldiers in the physical combat unit

Bases will be secure. Soldiers will live on the base and return home bi-monthly to spend time with their families. Internet and mobile phones will not be allowed

The duty of a spiritual soldier is to learn and pray for unity and well-being, security, and the coming of Mosiach for the people of Israel

These will be no females on these bases. The kashrut will be of the highest level (Mehadrin), there will be Mikvaot, Sefarim and esteemed religious lecturers.

In addition, certain activities will be created to contribute to the company through work through kindness

The base commanders will be the heads of the yeshivot and Israel’s greatest Talmudic leaders and teachers.

Like soldiers in the physical combat unit, the spiritual soldiers will work all day and be eligible for 6 hours of sleep

There is no exemption from this unit for any religious group

The basis of the law

To create unity of the people of Israel

Studying Torah, Doing God’s work and unity of the Jewish people are critically important real tools that win wars and MUST be an integral part of the IDF