Full cost of living for patients, orphans, widows, seniors and the sick and disabled

It's time to demonstrate kindness to the weak in our society

Naphtali Goldman Chairman of the Shema party explains

"About a year and a half ago, I spent some time working at the central bus station in Jerusalem at my wife's jewellery store for about 8 months. The shop was on the 6th floor of the 'tachana' near the bus platforms.

Every day I would see sad old people rummaging through the garbage bins and looking for bottles… 70, 80, 90 year old people..… I just broke down every time I saw it…. I told myself it couldn't be possible ... Israel is a good country with good people ... I thought to myself…. What is going on here… why are old people rummaging through garbage cans looking for bottles ... .. So I asked around and people just laughed .. But I didn't think it was funny at all, I did some research and I found out that the government always harms the weakest people in the Israeli society."

The actions of our leaders over the past twenty years have created an evil and mean society without mercy for the sick, the elderly, the weak and the needy.

What kind of leaders would allow an old grandmother to rummage through bins looking for bottles to sell…. This is a disgrace to Israel

Israel is the 11th most important economy in the world - this situation in Israel makes no sense

We need to change the direction immediately for all of Israeli society ... We need to start helping our weakest and poorest ... We need to show kindness ...

As a government we would implement the following

Full cost of living for the sick and disabled, orphans, widows, seniors

Significant increase in drug basket budget

University / Career Subsidies for citizens who have completed National Service

Assistance for young people (21 – 35 years old) to purchase apartments

Change of Laws with regard foreign worker for the benefit of the employer

It is time to demonstrate and do kindness for the weakest people in our society

So of course the million dollar question…..how can we finance all this ? ... because these things really cost money

So… we have a plan on how to finance our proposals …… .. Click here to find out how we plan to fund it