Law of Unity

The true power of a nation can only be realized when there is unity among its people.

Jewish unity is a priority

For unity Connection of all Jews is required

For all Jews in the world, there will be an online program (also offline) to connect every Jewish person in the world to each other. There are 14 million Jews worldwide. In today's technological age, we will create a central bulletin board where we can connect and meet one another.

The platform will serve as a place for advertising to help one and other (a huge 'Gemach'), a place to connect and do business, a place to share knowledge, study, create projects and research, and a place for individual people to gather and talk

There is currently disunity between Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews and between religious and non-religious Jews. We will work hard to resolve these conflicts and create a united society

A ministerial position will be established to connect all Jews in Israel and around the world and to create unity. The budget will be substantial