Become a Member of the Shema Party 2020

Becoming a member of the Shema Political Party

We are looking for people who think the ideology that we have presented to you are important to you too

People who agree with all the points in the manifest and the Shema articles of association

There are some criteria to becoming a member - please check Shema articles of association

These criteria include:

He / she is a citizen of the State of Israel

He / she has the right to vote in the Knesset elections

He / she is not a member of any other party or nominee list, and does not act on behalf of any other party or nominee list for the Knesset. Notwithstanding the above, the Member Registration Committee may approve the joining of a Member even if conditions are not met in accordance with the terms set forth in this section, at the request of the Party Chairman

He / she identifies with the objectives of the party, and undertakes in writing to accept the provisions of the articles of association and the manifesto, and undertakes to act to advance the goals and policies of the party as defined in the articles of association and the party manifesto, and as determined by the party's management and institutions

He / she has paid the membership fee in a timely manner as determined in accordance with the provisions of the articles of association.